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Contact us to join the thousands of professionals who are on their way to mastering project management via the Mastery in Applying Project Management programme.

The PMGI Mastery in Applying Project Management certificate (MAPMc) programme is designed to build practical project management skills that equip you to manage projects of any size in any industry. It is packed with case studies with solutions and examples. Concepts are constantly reinforced through our ‘teaching by doing’ approach, facilitated by our trainers who are practicing project managers. Students in parallel then apply acquired skills to their real-world team projects.


The course is designed to simulate real-world project environments with mandatory deadlines, critical paths and pressure points, underpinned by team dynamics, so as to foster mastery of concepts taught. You will collaborate in teams working on project cases throughout the course. Our iLab provides an online document center where you can download free templates and learning resources; iLab also provides a forum for you to collaborate with your team and instructors online. Classes are taught in a relaxed round-table setting. A lap top is recommended.


Start at the fundamentals and finish with mastery-level project management skills

Gain Mastery Competence
Master the techniques, stand out and remain competitive. You will gain:

  • Project leadership techniques in all the knowledge areas and process groups.
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Microsoft Projects Workshop
  • Customizable Project Management Templates you can use on the job
  • Real world cases and solutions
  • Highest Achiever Award
  • Best Team Award
  • Optional Internship

Course Material & Perks

  • Participant Guide with 1000+ pages
  • 93 Project Management Education hours or Professional Development Units .
  • An internationally recognized Certificate of Completion
  • Access to iLab-online forum
  • Access to the PMGI Job Bank
  • Refreshment and free parking
  • Rewards for PMGI subs.

Skills Building Workshops

  • Risk Management Workshop – build mastery in applying risk management techniques and processes
  • Microsoft Project® (MSP) software – a 7 hour workshop on MSP
  • Quality Management Workshop – build mastery in applying Quality management techniques and processes
  • Introduction to Agile Workshop

Please read the following admissions requirements carefully.

a) Academic Requirements
The admissions requirement for the Mastery in Applying Project Management is as follows:
i) Five (5) CXCs or equivalent (including Math and English)
ii) At least three (3) years’ work experience
iii) Mature students without the required matriculation qualification will be considered.

b) Admission Requirements for mature students
i) Mature students are individuals with more than 7 years’ work experience with proof of lifelong learning including EMBAs and professional certificates and or diplomas.

Required documents

i) 1 passport sized picture
ii) Copies of last academic qualification (certified copies must be submitted if original is not verified by PMGI)
iii) Resume (Required for Co-operative Education Programme)

The target group is multi-faceted: Persons who want to learn project management in an easy to follow but comprehensive and robust format. Experienced project managers who wish to hone their skills. Persons who have never done a project management course or do not currently work on projects.

Do you already have your credentials but not sure you can hit the ground running. Apply to the entire programme or take selected modules to boost your skills and confidence. This course and all PMGI’s project management courses qualify for PDUs or CEUs.


  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. The Project Management Contextual Framework & Project Methodologies
  3. Project Team Management Techniques
  4. Integration: Initiation & Project Plan Methods
  5. Stakeholder Management & Mentorship
  6. How to Manage Communications and Emotional Intelligence
  7. How to Manage Project Scope
  8. Microsoft Project Crash Course Workshop I
  9. Foundation Tools for Project Management (WBS)
  10. How to Define Project Activities
  11. Microsoft Project Crash Course Workshop II
  12. How to Sequence Project Activities
  13. How to Estimate Activity Resources and Duration
  14. How to Develop the Project Schedule
  15. Fundamentals of Effective Presentation & Performance Reporting
  16. How To Manage Conflict: The People Factor
  17. Cost Estimation & Resource Optimisation Techniques
  18. Risk Identification & Analysis Methods
  19. Risk Response & Control Methods
  20. The Art of Negotiation I
  21. The Art of Negotiation II
  22. How to Plan Project Quality Management
  23. Risk Management Workshop (RMW)
  24. Project Quality Control Methods
  25. Finalizing the Budget & Schedule
  26. Quality Management Workshop (QMW)
  27. Project Integration Management
  28. Project Procurement Management & Lessons Learnt
  29. Introduction to Agile Workshop (AW)
  30. Project Management Plan (Oral & Written Presentation)
Attitudanal Behaviour that foster achievement of project objectives
Technical Knowledge Knowledge of technical components and tools
Application Ability to apply knowledge and attitude to meet objectives.

Attitudinal Competence (15%)

  • Attendance – 5%
  • Peer Review – 5%
  • Instructor Review – 5%

Knowledge Competence (30%)

  • In course quizzes – 25%
  • Individual Assignments – 5%

Applied Knowledge (55%)

  • Team Assignments – 10%
  • Team Project (Workbook and Orals) – 45%

Requirements to Earn Your Certificate

  1. Fully commit to the robust nature of the programme
  2. Work in a team environment on a realistic project and participate in a final class presentation
  3. Miss no more than four classes (including classes that are mandatory)
  4. Maintain a cumulative average of 70%

Contact Office For Course Price.

You will receive  PMGI’s Participant Guide with this course for FREE. The costs of other books on your booklist are not included in the cost of the course.

Course Booklist

 These books are mandatory and all students must have a copy on the day of orientation. Books may be purchased from the Institute’s online bookstore at or at the PMGI bookstore at 14 Ruthven Road Kingston 10. Persons may also source books privately. In order to reserve your books at the bookstore, you are required to pay at least 50% non-refundable fee no less than 3 weeks before the course start date.


Course Booklist (books may be purchased online)
Getting to Yes – Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher and William Ury with Bruce Patton of Harvard Negotiation Project. 3rd Click here to purchase E-book
A Guide to the Project Management Body of  Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)  – Seventh Edition E-Book found on Amazon
Managing Information Technology Project by Kathy Schwalbe – 9th Edition Click here to purchase E-book


Payment Options:

Full Payment must be made for courses that are delivered over a period of 30 days or less Payment plans are optional for courses that run for a duration longer than 30 days and is allowed at the sole discretion of Project Management Global Institute.

Paying Cash

To pay by cash kindly pay at the bank using the following information:

Account Holder’s Name: Project Management Global Institute
Bank Name: National Commercial Bank, Jamaica Limited
Bank Address: Kingston 6, Jamaica (For payments made in Jamaica, you may pay at any NCB branch)
Routing #: JNCBJMKXA (required for overseas payees)
Account Numbers:

  • US Dollar Account – 294014209
  • Jamaican Dollar Account – 291015247

Important Note

* Please ensure that your name is clearly indicated on your deposit /payment slip to ensure accurate processing.

* To facilitate verification of payment. Kindly forward a stamped payment or deposit slip by email to In the absence of the bank stamp, it will indicate that a payment has not been made.

Paying By Cheque

To pay by check you may do any of the following:
* Deliver managers or company cheque to our offices at 14 Ruthven Kingston 10, Jamaica
* If you are located in the New Kingston area, you may also contact us to schedule a free pick-up
* Make a deposit at the bank or do a wire transfer, using the bank information listed above.

Paying With Credit Card or PayPal

We accept Master, Visa and Debit Cards as well as NCB Key Card. You may utilise any of the methods below to pay with your credit card:

* To pay online using a credit card, submit your online registration form, then input the dollar amount and name of your course.
Then follow instructions to pay using your credit card (you may be required to have a PayPal account)

* To pay using your Credit, Debit or NCB Key Card, visit our offices at 14 Ruthven Road Kingston 10, Jamaica

Contact us if you are representing an organisation and would like to submit a Purchase Order.

Please note that payment must be made prior to the event start date.


 MAPM PMI Talent Triangle 



Ways of Working  = 78 PDUs

Power Skills = 15 PDUs

Business Acumen  = 3 PDUs