What is Co-op?

The Co-operative education programme, a new and exciting initiative, is set to begin in January 2019. Co-operative education is a learning tool that combines classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace. We have paired our Mastery in Applying Project Management programme (duration 3 ½ months) with work experience opportunities (minimum 6 months) which will give co-op students credits to be applied to the programme.


Why choose PMGI?

PMGI is known for our world-class project management training both in Jamaica and the Caribbean. PMGI is committed to aiding the development of the project management profession by striving to develop professionals which possess the requisite skills and knowledge.


Benefits of Co-op:

As a participant in the Co-op Education programme, students will receive

1. Invaluable, first-hand work experience

2. The opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and experienced project team

3. The ability to gain experience in the industry/company of choice


Current Co-ops:

  1. The ‘MAPMc Co-Op’ comes in response to our students’ needs for project management work experience, and employers’ requests for professionally trained and highly skilled employees. Mastery in Applying Project Management Certificate +  Co-op – USD$2,305 (Books not included)